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Connecticut Bathroom Remodeling
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Coventry Bath Remodel

If you have a severely damaged, dysfunctional, or outdated bathtub, perhaps you’ve been searching for ways to replace or remodel it at a fair price.

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You don’t have to go through all the hassle of a traditional renovation. You don’t even need to sacrifice your savings to pay for it. With US Remodeling Group, you’ll have fast, smooth-sailing, and accommodating services at only a fraction of the cost.

We like to keep things simple. You call us for an initial consultation; we conduct an onsite evaluation; we provide you with expert recommendations according to your needs and preferences; we help you with product and design selection; our Coventry bath remodel specialists do the job and finishing, and finally, you bask in the newly-revamped luxury bath that you paid reasonably for.

You can just sit and drink your favorite beverage while we eliminate all the hassle for you! We are a full-service company that covers shower to bathtub conversion and vice versa; full bathroom remodeling, master bath, half bath, and guest bath remodeling; and installation of shower or bath enclosures, shower doors, walk-in bathtubs, step-in bathtubs, and bath accessories. Anything involved in bath remodeling that you might need, we have it for you.

The best part is, you can expect and indulge in your fully refurbished bath in just a day! At US Remodeling Group, we work with speed, accuracy, and excellence.

Our professionals are among the best and trusted in the industry. Using the best materials from first-rate suppliers, our Coventry bath remodel is guaranteed to satisfy your accessibility and aesthetic needs as well as provide you with long-lasting installation and protection against any insect, fungal, or mold infestation.

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New Bathtub Installation

If you’re planning to get a new bathtub and to have installed in your existing toilet and bath space, we’ll help you with space planning, your buying considerations, product and detail selection, features and accessories, and the professional installation.
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You might think that getting a new bathtub for the first time or as a replacement to your existing one will cost you so much. Well, if you don’t hire the right people for your bath remodel project, you might pay more than what you have to. However, with US Remodeling Group, every penny you spend on our services will be worth it. Our mission is to provide a feature-packed bath remodeling job to each of our clients and take away all the stress and mess they might encounter along the way.

We utilize durable acrylic in our bath systems. It’s designed to resist chipping, cracking, fading as well as dirt, grime, mold, and mildew buildup. It allows your bathtub to stay as good as new for the longest time possible.
Take advantage of our durable fixtures and attractive bath amenities now! Give us a ring, and we’ll be right on your current Coventry bath remodel project.

Tub Wall Surrounds

We understand your needs, so we incorporate the current trends in today’s industry to your bath remodel operation. These latest styles and designs are created to grant you a higher level of accessibility, convenience, functionality, and even ease of maintenance in the long run.

With that, we offer appealing, durable, grout-free, and non-porous wall surrounds and inserts to complement your bathtub. Conventional tile installations are pretty problematic—requiring regular maintenance and cleaning to fight against fungal growth, cracking, chipping, and washing off of grout.

As a solution to these concerns, we manufacture tub surrounds and liners built from solid and sturdy acrylic. These are available in a variety of designs, styles, and colors, plus 1,500 bathtub models.

Bath Conversions & Accessibility Features

If you have an existing shower and want to convert it to a bath or vice versa, our Coventry, CT bath remodel company can do the work for you as well. We’ll tailor the project and all bath features to your specific accessibility needs, aesthetic goals, and functional requirements so your family will be able to use them comfortably.
Coventry Bath Remodel step thru tub insert 300x200
Again, we’ll do every procedure involved in the bath conversion in just one day. Every aspect is fastly, simply, and meticulously done for you. Whether you would like to own a relaxing bathtub where you can spend a much longer time in or a practical shower that you can quickly use every day, we have the right resources, tools, and professionals for your bath project.

Do you lack the right accessories and amenities that will make your bath experience more convenient and comfortable? We can provide you with the right solutions! Our products are modern, up-to-date, and unparalleled. They are easy to handle, fast to install, and guaranteed to last long without requiring any large-scale maintenance or repair.

US Remodeling Group offers shower enclosures, showerheads, shower seats, grab bars, low and high barriers, shelving, benches, step-in and walk-in tubs, hand showers, backrests, whirlpool jets, and many others! For the best Coventry bath remodel, we are more than happy to serve you.

Let’s Talk Now – Free Consultation

Coventry Bath Remodel bath planet logo 300x48The road to your dream bath remodel is just one call away. Book your free consultation with us now, and we’ll take it from there. As we discover all your needs, desires, and requirements, our bath remodel experts would know how to carry out the project details and implement the design that will positively alter your bath experience forever!

At US Remodeling Group, we don’t make unfulfilled promises. We will execute everything discussed with you during the initial consultation and other necessary meetings. We look forward to partnering with you for your next Coventry bath remodel project!

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