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Meriden Shower Remodel

Who says it’s boring to relax and have fun at home? Do you know what’s one of the best ways to unwind and get rid of all the tension in your mind and body? It’s by taking a really good shower. You can literally wash the stress away!

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Imagine yourself after a long day at work. You’re limping heavily as you head towards the kitchen to get some water, your body’s aching, and you can barely even catch your breath. Perhaps eating a little would help, but you just don’t have the appetite right now. All you want is to relax and let go of all the unwanted strain, so you put your things down and enter the bathroom instead. How does a hot or warm shower sound?

Whichever you prefer, we both know nothing beats water touching your skin and feeling refreshed after a tiring day! It feels as though all kinds of distress in your body are being rinsed off by water and steam too. After that amazing shower, you can just simply crash into bed and forget about anything else. Do you think a functional and undisruptive bath or shower is worth the investment? Definitely!

We know you’re tired of dealing with all the hassle of having an outdated, dysfunctional, or limiting showers. That’s why we’re here—we want to make your life more comfortable and convenient! A Meriden shower remodel by US Remodeling Group gives you the luxury of having a sophisticated bathroom with upgraded features at an economical cost.

If you want to know more about the best decision that you can make today, read on! And if you know you’re in dire need of a shower remodel, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We offer free consultations!

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Shower Remodeling & Renovation

There are plenty of reasons to postpone shower remodeling. You know very well that you need it, but you might think it could be a waste of money. That it isn’t what you need right now, and you can still adjust to what you have today. Reasons are all part of the decision-making. Yet, what matters most is that you’ll make a sound decision that would benefit the whole family in the end. We’re telling you—if health is your priority, then a shower remodel should not just be a question of want, but a question of need.

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Observing proper hygiene and achieving a good, relaxing shower experience is helpful for your mental, physical, and emotional health. With a shower covered with mildew, grime, and mold, can it provide you with uncontaminated water for cleansing your body? With a dysfunctional shower, can you use it properly? With a shower that has fewer or no accessibility features, can it be friendly to a family member who has specific needs? Once you answer these questions, you can assess your necessities and evaluate your desires about getting a shower remodel.

Traditional shower renovations take a much longer time to carry out than our Meriden, CT shower remodel services. With US Remodeling Group, you won’t even feel that your shower is being renovated! Time will pass by without you noticing it because we work with utter speed and accuracy. Also, we deliver the great quality that we promise to our clients.

Once you partner with us, all you need to do is get ready to see a more inviting, cozy, functional, long-lasting, and aesthetically pleasing shower area after the work gets done.

Shower Conversions

Do you want to convert your bath into a shower or the other way around? If so, then our simple and quick shower conversion methods might be perfect for you!

Bath and shower renovation

Bathtubs are often used for a longer wash time, whereas showers are usually intended for quicker ones. Depending on your lifestyle, you can choose what’s more beneficial for the users of your master bath, guest bath, or half bath.

Once you’ve made your decision, we’ll help you get the best solutions in the fastest way possible. Our Meridenshower remodel experts work on shower to bath or bath to shower conversions in as little as one day!

We guarantee a meticulously done job that considers everything that you might need. Our bath remodeling specialists do recommend the best options for you, ask for your insights, and allow you to make your decision. No matter what, we are here to convert your existing shower into a new, refreshing, and trendy bath area or vice versa. To improve your bath experience, we can also install additional features such as grab bars, shower benches, shower enclosures, caddies, etc.

Barrier-Free & Low-Barrier Showers

Getting a customized Meriden shower remodel can be very considerate to those who are experiencing reduced mobility.

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If a family member has specific accessibility needs with regards to using the toilet and bath, we can help them through our barrier-free and low-barrier showers.

In addition to that, we also offer and install walk-in and step-in tubs. These fixtures make it easy for people with certain conditions to take a bath or shower, even without needing assistance. Considering the needs of people with disabilities and the elderly, we manufacture various bathroom solutions to provide ease of access and convenience to them.

Our inclusive design is guaranteed to give them the best bath experience that they need daily!

Let’s Talk Now – Free Consultation

Meriden Shower Remodel bath planet logo 300x48Our Meriden shower remodel prioritizes clients’ needs, above all. We aim to tailor our design, amenities, features, specifications, and space planning for your requirements. This is why we conduct a free initial consultation and the other necessary measures to understand your lifestyle, necessities, and preferences before proceeding with the work.

US Remodeling Group is your reputable bathroom remodeling company! Our team of experts can assist and involve you in every aspect of the renovation. They are well-trained, excellent, and detail-oriented in terms of their craft. We’ll be glad to accommodate your queries and requests anytime!

So, if you want to make your dream bath happen, contact us today!

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