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Scotland Bathtub Replacement

Bathtubs are typically prone to mold or mildew growth, chips that eventually lead to huge cracks, and fading of color after long-time usage.

jetted walk-in tub

Can’t tolerate these pet peeves anymore? If so, our Scotland bathtub replacement is for you!

Everybody wants the fresh look of a brand new bathtub. Even though a standard tub is regularly cleaned and maintained, frequent use over a long period will make it depreciate, especially if made from poor-quality material.

Signs that imply you need a bathtub replacement include unremovable stains, discoloration, chips and cracks, leaks, and fungal buildup. If your bathtub is broken, not accessible, or causing discomfort, then it’s best that you seek the help of a professional service provider that can fix your problem.

If you want a durable, stain-resistant, accessible, and stylish bathtub, US Remodeling Group can help you. From the initial consultation to the tub’s installation, we will assist you in getting the optimal bathtub for your bathroom.

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Fast & Attractive Replacement Tub

The bathtubs that we replace clients’ existing tubs with are not of standard, but premium quality. As we present plenty of options you can choose from, you’ll find the appropriate size, built, color, material, style, and other specifications. This means you can customize your tub in a way that impeccably fits your bath space.

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Apart from the attractiveness of our tubs, we conduct fast installations without creating a giant mess. Our experts know exactly how to work efficiently in removing your existing bathtub and replacing it with a new one. Our engineers will install it in the same location as the old one unless you want to transfer it to another spot, which means you’ll need a bath remodel. Don’t worry; there’s no requirement we cannot accommodate for you!

In just one day, you may enjoy your brand new tub! You may relax, take a bath, maybe while having a glass of wine if you want. And you no longer have to scrub those stains or molds off. It will really feel good to soak in a clean, brand new, and modern bathtub without having to wait weeks of renovation, don’t you think?

New Bathtub Options & Features

The most exciting part of getting a Scotland bathtub replacement is being able to tailor your brand new tub to your needs, preferences, interior design, and other factors of consideration.

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Our bathtubs are made from rigid and sturdy acrylic material. They are long-lasting and cost-efficient. Moreover, our design options and features are appealing and up-to-date. You may even add a couple of elements such as grab bars, shelving, accessibility features, and many others that will further improve your bath experience.

From freestanding tubs to walk-in and jetted tubs, their unique facets will enhance your relaxation, meditation, and healing. In addition to all this, we also conduct shower to bath conversions and vice versa. If you want to turn your existing tub into a shower area instead, or your shower into a bath, we got your back. Give us a day, and we’ll work on your bathroom project professionally!

Let’s Talk Now- Free Consultation

Scotland Bathtub Replacement bath planet logo 300x48If your tub is already worn out, outdated, and grimy, don’t think twice. Getting a Scotland bathtub replacement is the best decision that you can make today. A brand new, durable, functional, and stylish bathtub can benefit you and your family physically, hygienically, mentally, and emotionally.

Don’t settle for your standard or poor-quality tub anymore. You can get a first-rate bathtub from US Remodeling Group at an affordable rate! Offering shower to bath conversions or vice versa, shower and bath installation and replacement, plus full and partial bathroom remodeling, we are the Scotland, CT bathroom remodeling company that you can trust with your bathtub replacement. For queries and related concerns, call us now!

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