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Willington Shower Installation

Showers are used daily by all family members. In planning for your next shower installation, it is crucial to consider each user’s individual needs.

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If you have kids or are living with your parents, one main factor to prioritize is the accessibility of your shower area and the rest of its components.

At US Remodeling Group, we find out the usersโ€™ concerns with regard to using the space. We take into account any limitation, disability, or uncontrolled mobility in our inclusive design so that all requirements will be addressed properly. With our Willington shower installation, rest assured that everything will be installed securely and correctly. All materials that we use are tough, hardwearing, functional, and stylish.

For a high-quality shower installation, trust US Remodeling Group. We offer free consultations! Read on below to discover the essential features of accessible and efficient showers.

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Wide Shower Entrance

For ease of access, a wide shower entrance can be very helpful. The children, elderly, and persons with disabilities or special conditions wonโ€™t have to go through complicated barriers just to get inside. They can simply walk in and start showering.

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As you know it, glass shower enclosures are typically used for separating the shower space in a toilet and bath. Still, if you are trying to consider individuals who might have a hard time entering the space due to their conditions or restriction, itโ€™s better to choose shower curtains as barriers. Firmly installed shower benches are also safer to use than removable seats.

Nonetheless, if your paramount priority is to have a modern and stylish interior design, you can select your preferred materials and features according to the recommendation of our bath remodeling experts. No matter what, we aim to integrate safety, accessibility, functionality, and aesthetics in each aspect of our space planning and design.

Handheld Shower Head

walk in tub hand held shower headFor enhanced comfort and convenience, US Remodeling Group offers a handheld showerhead so you can effortlessly let the water flow continuously throughout your body without making big movements.

You can even utilize this feature while you are sitting on the shower bench.

This is mostly beneficial to family members suffering from arthritis, injury, joint pain, or other relevant conditions and cannot stand for quite a long time.

Shower Control Panel

new remodeled bathtub installationShower panels hold the valves that control the flow of water through the fixtureโ€”hot and cold.

At US Remodeling Group, we highly consider anthropometrics in our design layout. We make this panel easy to reach for users both in standing and sitting positions, not too high and not too low.

This ensures that all users will be able to utilize it properly, even those whose mobility is restricted.

Easy to Reach Storage

Another important component of a shower installation is easy to reach storage. The storage contains the essential things you need before and after taking a shower.

Towels, robes, clothes, and products that belong to the hygiene kit can all be found inside the cabinets.

Thus, they should be within anyoneโ€™s reach (except for children who might only play with them). Overall, accessible showers should make all bath essentials within reach.

Anti-Scalding Device

For shower areas with cold and hot water options, we recommend the use of the anti-scalding valve.

This valve is a plumbing device that regulates the flow of water that undergoes sudden temperature changes. Because very hot water on your skin can cause burn injuries, the anti-scalding device can help prevent any unwanted accidents while users are taking a bath.

It primarily works by balancing the pressure of hot and cold water before it is discharged in the fixture.

Non-Slippery Shower Flooring

Willington Shower Installation new shower installation 300x192To uphold safety among the users of the shower area, US Remodeling Group provides non-slippery shower flooring.

This flooring type is consequential in bath spaces to avoid accidents, such as hitting oneโ€™s head on a hard surface due to slipping. We have a broad selection of non-slippery flooring products intended for the shower area.

You can pick the ideal size, texture, style, color, and design for your shower area.

Adjustable Lighting

Why is adjustable lighting significant in any shower area? People handle glares and brightness of light in different ways.

To eliminate discomfort, US Remodeling Group offers an adjustable lighting feature that may be modified depending on a particular userโ€™s tolerance level.


Moisture is always present inside the toilet and bath or the shower area. We install mirrors, usually on a wall above the lavatory area or an empty bathroom counter.

This is to ensure that moisture does not accumulate inside the mirror, impacting the finish and quality of the reflection.

Heat Lamps

custom shower renovationTo supplement the other shower features, heat lamps may also be included in our shower installation service, depending on your preferences as our dear client.

Regulation of the temperature is important in any bathroom or shower area; hence, a heat lamp. The heat lamp allows the user to gradually transition from the low temperature inside the shower to a room temperature beyond it.

To provide you with an accessible, long-lasting, and modern shower area, the items above are all considered by your Willington, CT shower installation company, US Remodeling Group.

Letโ€™s Talk Now – Free Consultation

Willington Shower Installation bath planet logo 300x48Initial consultations are important to us, for they help us determine what your present circumstances are as well as your needs, requirements, desires, and budget. The good news is, we offer consultations completely for free!

As we carry out the necessary procedures to complete the project, we need accurate details of your expectations, blended with our services’ specifications. In this way, we can go ahead and work uninterruptedly, thereby finishing the project in as fast as one day!

For your ideal shower area, we are your trusted and reliable Willington shower installation partner. For inquiries and concerns, call us today!

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